Lauren E. Willis photoLauren E. Willis

Lauren E. Willis is Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Research at LMU Loyola Law School (Los Angeles) and has held visiting appointments at Harvard, Cornell, and the University of Pennsylvania. She is a leading critic of the use of financial education, disclosures, and “nudges” for regulating consumer transactions. She has developed a ground-breaking performance-based approach to consumer law that unites the interests of firms with consumers and retail investors and enables regulators to keep pace with rapid marketplace change. Most recently, she has identified how law must evolve to address a new threat to fair competition and consumer protection -- business use of artificial intelligence to design and target online communications and interfaces. Before academia, Professor Willis worked at the U.S. Department of Justice and with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. She co-founded the Consumer Law Scholars Conference and was an adviser to the American Law Institute’s Consumer Contracts Restatement project.

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